Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mario Mattioli - Granados: Spanish Dance n. 2

This would make a great backing piece for a black & white, silent film, sort of thing.

"Absolutely gorgeous melodic piano track…played by fingers that understand how to touch keys and convey emotion."


Download track here

cdk - Sunday Night Fog

"Great keys in the melody on this one. Solid beats. You really have got this trip-hop feel for your music which always impresses."


Download track here

Sunbyrn - Undertow

"I do a lot of intra-state travel here in Cali. I’m always on the I-5 and 99 and the driving never seems to stop. My only escape is debating with AM radio shows or listening to music that keeps me focused, yet allows me to somewhat zone out. This track definitely takes me there. It has been downloaded and looped to the tune of 15 minutes!! This track is great."

-Pat Chilla the Beat Gorilla

Download track here